THINKING- what images to put on my mood bored

After having a one-to-one seminar I realised what I was actually doing was not correct. We had seminars in our groups and it was interesting to hear what the tutors had to say about our work. The overall comments were that we were not meant to be creating a 'lookbook' but a moodbored for our brand, a lot of us misinterpreted what a moodbored actually was.This meant less images of the actual collections from our brands but more images to sum up what our brands were all about, the tone of voice and obviously the mood.
So after taking this into consideration, I decided to do a massive re-think; to help me understand my brand even further I did a mind map and then started to translate word to images. This was really helpful for me because it allowed me to get a proper 'feel' for the brand.
here are some images which I might used on my moodbored; I have selected various images from architecture, film, interior, galleries and music. All these images represent my brand and what its all about.

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