Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply- COLLAB WITH AVICII


Fashionista: In the U.S. we often try to copy the minimalist, utilitarian style that’s so popular in Sweden, but you seem to have a very American sense of style, making you the perfect face for Denim & Supply. Did you stand out when you were growing up in terms of what you wore?
Avicii: No, not really. I’ve always had a pretty basic style, so I feel that I blended right in.
How did Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren approach you to collaborate? Did you help to style or concept the “Wake Me Up” music video (in which Denim & Supply models wear the label throughout) with their team?
Right from the start, Ralph Lauren has been one of the best relationships we’ve had. We’ve done so much together and they’ve been a huge asset, and their clothes are what I would normally wear. If I’d gone with other brands, I might have felt like I had sold out, but with them, I was already wearing their clothes. It was a no-brainer to collaborate with Denim & Supply. I have enjoyed working with Mark Seliger who photographs all the advertising, so it seemed like a natural extension of the relationship to have him direct the video.
When you’re packing to go on the road, what are the wardrobe essentials that you’d never leave without?
Plaid shirts, baseball hats, jeans, and hoodies.
When you’re performing, do you put any extra thought into what you wear on stage, or do you go for function over form?
I like to be comfortable, so what you see me wear on stage is what you see me wear at home—I like to keep things simple!
You’ve played at music festivals all over the world in the last couple of years—are there any trends that your fans wear in the crowd that have really stood out to you?
American fans definitely know how to stand out—a lot of neon and those super crazy outfits… but I think it’s great.

above, Silhouettes, a mix done exclusively for Ralph Lauren

Aviciis wake me up video which features Ralph Laurens clothing line, Denim and Supply

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