“I really wanted to go back to a body-conscious silhouette,” he explains with methodical northern European precision, “which isn’t the same as a skinny silhouette. There’s space for the shoulders, the chest, the waist, the hips. Something very athletic.” While working on the collection, he thought about Superman — what he might mean beyond the comic books. “I thought about working hard and studying hard and going to the gym hard and becoming the best you can be,” he explains. “Talking about athletics brought us to the idea of having a healthy mind and body, which then brought us to this film Gattaca — a huge step, but that’s how things go sometimes.”


INSPIRATION- Things which have caught my eye.....

Viktor & Rolf F/W 2013       

Below, Celine SS14

                          Meadham Kirchhoff SS14

Here are a couple of pictures which have caught my eye over the past couple of days. I am very keen on the recent Celine collect, inspired by the £1 laundry bags you get in any superstore; it's such a simple concept but it looks so fresh and modern.


PINTEREST- adding photos to the NTU GROUP Pintrest

     Above and below are some other groups work

    Above, our groups work on  our 'board' in the end we had a total of 17 'pins' in total

Before I started University I had never heard of Pinterest, I had no idea what it was. After being introduced to it, I found it really easy to use. After I had taken the photos I edited them on my MacBook and unloaded them onto a new 'board' here are some photos of it all put together

STREET STYLE- 1st Official Brief

For our first breif we were given a 'street style project' our aim was to find some innovative fashionable people who had an interesting sense of style. We had to hit the streets of Nottingham, armed with a camera and a friendly confident attitude! After a couple of days of spotting, these were my groups outcomes. At first I was a little apprehensive about going up to strangers and asking to take their photographs, however after the first couple of times it became a lot easier. I was quite surprised that everyone we approached was willing to have their photo taken after hearing feedback from other groups saying how some people refused too.
I found this task really interesting;I didn't want to just photograph generic street style and good looking people I really tried to spot some individual/unique styles. I really tried to look out for different colours, patterns and materials which people had put together.
 I found that a lot of people would clashed patterns and colours, those you wouldn't have originally put together really worked surprisingly well.
My favourite outfit has to be the guy in the rich purple top with the colourful african style print embossed over the top. I love how he has put this together; the top is very busy, quite dramatic, he's then paired this with some simple black jeans and then added some, simple, slipper like shoes.