Unfashionable becomes fashionable

The big trend for SS14

Within days after fashion week, the forecasting agency and journalists from all over the world were fixed on one big trend; ‘Normcore’. 
To describe it best, normcore is the attire traditionally worn by individuals with no interest in style, logo’s and patterns. The trend includes items such as non-labelled trainers, the plain white tee’s which come in packs of 3’s and straight legged high street jeans which give a simplistic look, with a fresh spin of youthfulness.
It’s not really about being ‘on trend’ but more of a new way of describing essential clothing that most people swear by. If you’re talking brands, think American Apparel or A.P.C; the majority of the Women’s SS14 Celine collection, or the Men’s spring/summer Burberry campaign for an up-market alternative.



Old meets new

Starting point for our project:
After doing our market research in both Nottingham and London
 we were ready to start collecting our findings together to come 
up with our concept for this project.
We starting to focus on the lost generation in the 1920s and how 
we could combine this with the 'New' to create a unisex fragrance
 aimed at a specific group of people, mainly those who are more 
interested in history, the natural form, museums, literature and 
architecture. Here is what we came up with to get the ball rolling

We then started to look at competitors  and
our target market  as well as potential bottles
  for  our perfumes .



While scrolling down my instagram homepage I saw something my sister had posted which was a little weird and unusual. Under the photo, which looked like a pea was the  the caption 'our first geocach Sam and Meg 10/3/14' I immediately text her asking what an earth a geocach was. Meg explained the me that these little objects were hidden all around the world for people to find, admire, sign and date; an ongoing  scavenger hunt for all ages to enjoy. She explained to me how you locate them and what you do once you have found them, this then led my flat mate and I to do a little exploring ourselves round Nottingham. Here are our findings……

I love the idea of finding things which only a small proportion of people know about and how when you sign and date the paper or packaging it just creates a time capsule which is so personal.