Unfashionable becomes fashionable

The big trend for SS14

Within days after fashion week, the forecasting agency and journalists from all over the world were fixed on one big trend; ‘Normcore’. 
To describe it best, normcore is the attire traditionally worn by individuals with no interest in style, logo’s and patterns. The trend includes items such as non-labelled trainers, the plain white tee’s which come in packs of 3’s and straight legged high street jeans which give a simplistic look, with a fresh spin of youthfulness.
It’s not really about being ‘on trend’ but more of a new way of describing essential clothing that most people swear by. If you’re talking brands, think American Apparel or A.P.C; the majority of the Women’s SS14 Celine collection, or the Men’s spring/summer Burberry campaign for an up-market alternative.

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