Kris Van Assche- Recent advertising campaign

Here, I have selected some photos from Van Assche's recent advertising campaigns. At first I was fairly unfamiliar with his brand and what it was all about however it became very clear when i did some further research. I love how simple these photos are; so clean and crisp, they really give off a fresh modern vibe. 

In January 2012 kris van Assche introduced a collaboration with the denim brand LEE.; as you can see here from the photo above (the model wears a black shirt buttoned all the way up) It celebrated the heritage and expertise of the authentic denim brand mixed with the sophisticated world of Assche where modern masculinity is key. By using workwear cotton twill, Van Assche reinterprets iconic LEE pieces like the denim jacket, jean shirt, five pocket trousers along with the chino trousers.I really liked this collaboration, it was basic but looked so finished and sharp.

The images at the top are from Van Assche's fall 2013 ad campaign where he teamed up with artist Nicolas Santos. I find these images so effective; they are rather odd and obscure but work really well and I think they represent what Van Assche is all about. These really are just simple edits of basic photographs however this is really effective because its been executed so well. So who is Nicolas Santos? Santos is a paris based artist who merges fashion with he idea of collage as an art form. He creates dynamic pieces that capture the viewers imagination and push the boundaries. 

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