Fashion LOVES Art

After todays lecture it made me realise how much art really does influence fashion. After surfing the net a couple days ago I remember reading about a Damien Hirst Alexander McQueen Scarf Collaboration.

since its First appearance in Alexander McQueens Irere collection back in 2OO3 the iconic skull scarf has become a signature item in the fashion houses accessory range. To celelbrate its 10th anniversary Alexander McQueen has invited  Damien Hirst to create a new scarf collection which is available in McQueen boutiques and at www.AlexanderMcqueen.com from the 15th of November.

The scarf collection consists of 30 one-off designs featuring various insects that together form McQueens signature skull shape. The designs were adapted from Hirsts Entomology paintings in which he used insects to create colourful kaleidoscopic images.

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